As the days pass by , I’m here all alone writing nonsense , feeling miserable and needy and when it comes to being needy , i really do need a hug where i can cry safely . I wanted to be safe and peaceful , in a life full of surprises , growing up is the greatest one . I wanted to do something special which i don’t know what it is , actually i feel it inside me , I’m feeling different why? well i don’t know ,, I’m neither smart enough nor pretty , but i feel it , I’m unique .

i am used to every single thing around me . I’m used to being worried in my own living place , i’m used to being insecure with my decisions , i’m used to feel bad about myself when i don’t have to , i’m used to ignore every tear i shred , and that’s me ,, believe it or not , i won’t change . I’m trying my best to hide my pain , So nothing could help my inner peace except writing and maybe that’s why i grew up saving quotes , loving poems even sometimes writing songs. That’s when you can place your feeling into words , express your soul into letters .

That’s why we face ups and downs , the ups is to get you more confident and hopeful , the downs is to reveal the best in you , the strong you you used to hide , the brave mindset you kept away .

I feel like writing when I’m broken ,where i reveal the best in me , exactly as I’m right now

Outfits hacks

being a girl is so tiring so we have to look perfect and flawless all the time
so here are some hacks to look cute and stylish in easy five steps :

  • First : Examine your look and your outfit colours .
    To look perfect we should be comfortable and convinced of our looks , so we examine our look to see if it does fit us perfectly .
30  Awesome Fall Outfit Ideas You Must to Know For 2018 #fallstyle
  • Second : See if the colours matches your skin tone
    As we all know there are some colours that doesn’t match our skin type and tone, so we have to see if it does perfectly . we all should prevent colours which makes us look fatter , thicker ,shorter . So we should pick up wisely .
How to Add Color to Your Winter Wardrobe |
  • Third : Pin-roll your jeans
    Pin-rolling your jeans will avoid it looking crumpled , will also make you look taller .
15 Boot Hacks No Girl Can Live Without - One Crazy House
  • Four : Add some details to your outfit .
    For example : if you’re wearing a basic T-shirt , you should try adding some accessories like : a belt , some jewellery , sunglasses , cute colourful scarfs ,,etc..
prendas color beige
  • Five : Tie your shirt
    Tying your shirt will add some attraction to your outfit , it will make you look cute and sexy .
Tee is 100% Cotton. Imported. The fit is true to size. Machine wash cold Iron low Do not dry clean / do not bleach Tumble dry normal / low

Self Love

self love is an essential thing in our life so we could face our problems and deal with it..probably most of you girls are now wondering ,,,”How could i even love myself when all i could see is flaws?” ,

At first all i thought of was that self love is an impossible thing to have when you’re too insecure about yourself ,,but no its not true cause self love is something we can create in our own mind and heart where you wake up feeling either positive or happy,

You could create self love by seeing the things you like about yourself ,,Ex: ” i love my smile ,, i should keep smiling ” ,,,,,,” oh wow i have a great voice! i should sing “

Girls you should love yourself even though you have tons of flaws ,, tons of insecurities .

people are like flowers ,,there are different kinds of flowers however each kind of them is beautiful on its own ,, so believe that your flaws and personality are the only things which makes you who you are,, it specialise you .


Cozy Christmas nights

What’s better than a cozy winter night with a hot chocolate while watching the pouring rain out of the window , So now i’ll talk about those beautiful nights when all christmas vibes is in the air thats when every single place is quiet and lovely .

In my opinion the best part in christmas is gifts , ofcourse it is for all people cause you receive lots of gifts ,, imagine getting gifts out of nothing .. its just an inspirational event where youre inspired in every single thing Gifts aint the very best part in christmas to me i mean like dude who doesnt like gifts its just nice to recieve them but look around you gifts aint everytthing. Nowadays AKA Christmas days ,, all the streets decorations, those christmas trees .. the snow and the rain . Everything is stunning .